Putting the EU into your eCommerce

Simplifying European Expansion

Arvato’s euCommerce provides you with all the right tools to overcome the most severe challenges of a European market entry. Enable cross-border eCommerce while quickly and efficiently localizing your payment and accounting setup for any European market, all through one simple integration.

The key to cross-border eCommerce is to remove as much friction as possible, and this is exactly what euCommerce does!

Payment Solution

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Our payment platform simplifies the localization of the European payment landscape by allowing your company instant access to our broad partner network – connecting you with various acquirers, PSPs, and local payment heroes.   

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Accounting Solution

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Our flexible accounting platform enables you to focus on your core businesses, without waiving transparency and quality, providing everything from invoice creation through preparation of monthly statements for every European country you choose to operate in.

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Our Payment-After-Delivery solution is the most popular and trusted payment brands across all European open invoice countries – and is 100% risk free!



Accept more popular payment methods across Europe           


Access our entire partner network through one integration


Expedite time to market with ready-made solutions for each country

Grow with euCommerce

More than just a payment method, euCommerce is a simple and efficient solution for all your payment and accounting needs throughout Europe.  We offer an individually adaptable platform for your operation with additional integrations and ready-made modules available out of our product and service portfolio.

Keep a close watch on each market with access to our dynamic reporting tool based in Microsoft Power BI, granting access to a large number of dynamic, real-time reports with the ability to drill down to individual data records. 

Optimization by Minimization

Gone are the days of piecing together different system integrations to do business throughout Europe.  We’ve removed the added complexities of cross-border expansion by giving you access to our entire partner network with only one integration to your system.

By cutting down on these external system integrations you create a single source of truth, minimizing the potential for unreliable and inconsistent data while keeping your time to market as short as possible.

Consumers Make Fewer eCommerce Purchases in June, Slowing Overall Growth Rates Since March

We have added new research data for the first half of June. Our research now contains responses from more than 19,000 consumers in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway over a period of three months. Results from the new survey responses show that eCommerce purchase...

Food and Grocery eCommerce Booms Driven by Digital-Savvy Consumers’ Necessities

Food and Groceries is the rising star within eCommerce. But what do recent developments look like? Which consumers are more prone to buying Food and Groceries online? And what are their motivations for doing so? Which dimensions do Food and Grocery merchants need to...

Fashion Continues Paving the Way for eCommerce

Fashion is the biggest product category in e-commerce. But it is, due to its selective nature, also highly vulnerable. And with a global pandemic, looming economic crises and brick-and-mortar stores on lockdown, Fashion is all the more exposed. It is no surprise that...

Webinar: Arvato and Fraud.Net CEO Discuss Best Practices of Combining AI and Manual Reviews to Reduce Online Fraud

Did you know that for every $1 lost to chargebacks, it actually costs the merchant $3?  If you think that is surprising, did you know that if a person successfully gets away with committing friendly fraud...

Dutch eCommerce Growth Flattens in May as Concerns about Finances and Society hold Consumers Back

AfterPay Insights research among more than 5,500 consumers in the Netherlands since the corona outbreak reveals that eCommerce purchases are up +48% compared to Dutch consumers’ normal online shopping behavior, so preceding the corona outbreak. Although Dutch...

German eCommerce Growth has Stabilized – Heavy Shoppers now 52% of all Online Purchases

Data from AfterPay Insights’ research into the e-commerce behavior of 5,500 German consumers shows that purchases are up +36% in May compared to before the corona outbreak. Although German e-commerce is still increasing, growth has reached a ‘plateau’ in the second...

Consumers’ Need for ‘Webshop Security’ Increases During the Pandemic

From a merchant perspective, AfterPay Insights previous research shows that one of the most critical aspects to attract and retain customers is to be perceived as ‘secure’. And this has become even more central since the corona outbreak. But how do consumers interpret...

End of May Update – a ‘plateau’ in eCommerce Growth is Reached

The impact of the corona-outbreak is still noticeable all around us. However, countries around the world have started easing restrictions, hopefully giving way to economic recovery. In parallel, consumers’ changed e-commerce behavior is slowing down and growth hits a...

Norwegian eCommerce +32% Driven by Rational Needs Rather than Emotional Wants

Data from AfterPay Insights’ research into the eCommerce behavior of 3,400 Norwegian consumers shows that purchases are up +32% compared to before the corona outbreak. In contrast to the other countries analyzed by AfterPay Insights, online consumers in Norway show...


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