The impact of the corona-outbreak is still noticeable all around us. However, countries around the world have started easing restrictions, hopefully giving way to economic recovery.

In parallel, consumers’ changed e-commerce behavior is slowing down and growth hits a plateau. This is confirmed by the two new data points that have been added to our dashboard. With these new data points, we are now able to show you development of e-commerce in The Netherlands, Germany and Norway from end of March until end of May. The first and second half of April are characterized by an impressive growth in all countries. In The Netherlands growth even lasted into the first half of May. But we now see that e-commerce has, although still growing, reached a ‘plateau effect’ in May.


End of May update – a ‘plateau’ in e-commerce growth is reached


When it comes to the reasons for the ‘plateau’ being reached, many perspectives are possible here. For example, are consumers less and less worried about corona from a personal health perspective? Or is the fact that people are able to leave their homes more often causing the e-commerce growth to stabilize? Dig deeper into our data in the updated dashboard, and read our coming blogs to get detailed answers and explanations.


Dive deeper into e-commerce behavior in May

If you are looking for detailed timelines on consumer behavior since end of March, you can view these in our ‘Trends’ tab. Select the country that you are interested in drilling down to (or select ‘All’), and then select the graph that is relevant.


AfterPay Insights e-commerce growth dashboard

What is next?


This week, we have a follow-up deep dive into e-commerce in Germany lined up for you. In addition, we will also zoom in on Fashion and the development of the product category in May. Stay with us!

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