Boost European Sales and Eliminate Risk

Payment Localization

Look No Further than Payment-After-Delivery

Payment-After-Delivery is a popular payment method used throughout European web shops, and typically accounts for more than 40 percent of all eCommerce revenue generated in certain countries! With Arvato’s AfterPay, not only can you offer your customers this ‘Buy now, pay later’ payment method, but you can provide them with the added flexibility of our 14-day payment term, free payment pausing, and the ability to make payments in flexible or fixed installments. Your customer decides when and how to pay!

Increase your Conversion Rate

By offering invoice purchase, conversions are increased on average by 20%


Assumption of your default risk

After a customer risk check, we assume your entire default risk


Gain Valuable Insights

Own your payment data and advertise to your customers with precision

Risk Free

Eliminate Fraud and Collection Uncertainty

We provide you with a risk free payment solution to instantly add value to your European eCommerce.  As a merchant, your payout is guaranteed as Arvato will handle the entire processing and risk management of all open invoice transactions, taking on 100% of the risk.  The result?  You receive your funds after shipping the product, even before your customer pays!

Upfront Payments

Experience immediate liquidity as you get paid when the product ships

Exception Handling

Eliminate in-house exception handling such as refunds and chargebacks

Low Merchant Fees

We offer lower rates and fees than the standard credit card companies

Your Benefits

Buy Now, Pay Later

Accepting alternative payment methods is crucial when trying to acquire European online shoppers.  When you are able to allow your eCommerce customers the ability to pay after the reception of the product, you are creating the ultimate customer-friendly purchase experience the European market has come to expect.

Local Payment Hero

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  • Add customer value and loyalty with Arvato’s AfterPay
  • Control your customer relationship
  • Currently available in 9 countries

Increase Transactions and AOV

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  • Optimize conversion rate 
  • Additional merchandise
  • Drive customer retention

Cross-Border Expansion

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  • Get paid when your product ships
  • Exception Handling
  • Lower rate than most Credit Cards

Customer Experience

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  • MyAfterPay – Customer controled payment portal
  • Free payment pausing
  • 14/30 day invoice with no interest or fees

Gain Customer Insights

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  • Own your customer data
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Easily segment and retarget


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